Updating gps receiver firmware software

If you’ve ever used an Amlogic TV box it should look similar.

Options are pretty much the same as on other boxes except there’s a Ethernet/Wi Fi menu on top of the network menu, as you can use both Ethernet and Wi Fi at the same time.

Firmware Version 2.0.0 is for GPS Receiver GP-E2 with firmware up to Version 1.0.9.

If the GPS Receiver GP-E2’s firmware is already Version 2.0.0 or Version 2.0.1, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

You’ll then be directed to the launcher, and to my surprise it was Android Leanback launcher, and as we’ll see below the box is running Android TV, as opposed to just Android as on most TV boxes on the market.

I had a pretty bad first impression of Leanback launcher, as it included some “recommended” videos that I did not care at all for, including some with fairly disgusting thumbnails.

Also updated to be compatible with the SBS-01C Current Sensor and SBS-02A Altitude Sensor. Update Information Ver 1.4 (PDF); Instructions (PDF) Converts data stored on the SD card for the 14SG, FX-22, 12FG, 8FG, and FX-20 to a format readable on a PC.

I also connected Ethernet and HDMI cables, as well as my terrestrial TV antenna to the RF coaxial input of the device.

But later, as I had used the remote control to take screenshots, and found out all files were there by empty. Answer: [email protected]'s password: Linux localhost 3.18.24_hi3798cv2x #6 SMP Fri Mar 31 KST 2017 armv7l Welcome to U5PVR Debian GNU/Linux 8 jessie (eddylab) [email protected]:~# uname -a Linux u5pvr-debian 3.18.24_hi3798cv2x #6 SMP Fri Mar 31 KST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux [email protected]:~# cat /etc/issue Debian GNU/Linux 8 \n \l [email protected]:~# apt-get --version apt for armhf compiled on Dec 11 2016 Supported modules: *Ver: Standard Pkg: Debian APT solver interface (Priority -1000) *Pkg: Debian dpkg interface (Priority 30) S. L: 'deb-src' Standard Debian source tree Idx: EDSP scenario file Idx: Debian Source Index Idx: Debian Package Index Idx: Debian Translation Index Idx: Debian dpkg status file That’s all nice and convenient, but for user who don’t know what installing “Linux” does, it somewhat expose them to hackers with a default username and password.

So I contacted the company via their Google community, and found out my firmware was still stuck at March 31st. The company gave me a new firmware file dated May 29th, which I first copied to my SATA hard drive to complete the update, but after going through the procedure, no change, so I repeated the steps by copying the file to one of the partition of my USB hardware, and it went through probably. U5PVR should not be accessible directly from the Internet, but it’s still not ideal.

Once the Google Account is completed, the Setup is finished.

So it was only minimal, and you may still have to setup the rest of the device in the Settings and Live TV app.

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