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A Japanese astronaut says he has grown by 3.5 inches (nine cm) in height during the past three weeks aboard the International Space Station.So big has his growth spurt been that he is worried whether he will fit into the return capsule that will transport him back to Earth.The phenomenon of astronauts growing due to the low gravity of space is well known and they do return to their normal height upon their return.

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The danger is that heavy Twitters and Facebook users could become 'indifferent to human suffering' because they never get time to reflect and fully experience emotions about other people's feelings.

Brain imaging showed the volunteers needed six to eight seconds to fully respond to stories of virtue or social pain.

However, once awakened, the responses lasted far longer than the volunteers' reactions to stories focused on physical pain.

He soon returned to his usual height, however, after Earth's gravity shrunk him back down to size.

Investigators said they believe the victim, whose name has not been released, had been chopped up and transported in a suitcase on a Metro Gold Line train from a shuttered Pasadena restaurant where the victim was killed and dismembered.

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