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Personally, I actually never minded much if staff dated. For example, is the relationship based on a Casanova playing up with all the new team members, or is it a true love story?I always felt that with a team, no procedures will ever stop feelings to develop. One thing is for sure, creating a procedure for such a situation is not part of my recommendations. It always comes back to you as a manager: you need to know, or realise that something is up.It’s also equally important for your team to know that you will not tolerate any erratic behaviour, in which case you will be ruthless with disciplinary when needed.Some companies have procedures in place and are strict on the matter. Procedures can help the disciplinary process, as you can reinforce everything quickly.

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As soon as something is not allowed, it happens: isn’t that human nature too?Sometimes, procedures don’t stop things from happening, especially when it comes to human emotions. For a while, I’d personally let it be, observe how the team dynamics change, how the team behaves, and how it’s affecting the other salon employees and customers.The potential issue with staff employees dating is the fact that the team dynamics changes. Once that’s done, I would have an informal chat about the situation, even if it’s not affecting the team or customers.For this to happen, you need to ensure you have notes on conversations that have taken place, but also facts on situations.In the case that you’re not prepared to create a procedure, your message needs to be clear to everyone.

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