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Traceability aspects like food safety, beekeeper safety and environmental safety are not included within this BMP document."4 H Beekeeping Manuals The 4-H Beekeeping Project from Purdue University is divided into three divisions.Division I, Understanding the Honey Bee, covers information on the basic facts of beekeeping: the types of bees, the honey and wax they produce, the plants that attract bees, and the equipment a beekeeper needs.It is not always easy to know what is happening inside the hive by observing the hive entrance and this is only learnt after many years, especially when the keeper is alone and there is no-one to give advice. Basic Beekeeping Manual This is a 2 volume publication written by Pam Gregory with assistance of Gay Marris of the U. National Bee Unit (FERA) that concentrates on top bar hive beekeeping, but many of the techniques and ideas can also be used by traditional and frame hive beekeepers.

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It draws on the knowledge and experience of apiculture scientists, various state and territory apiary inspectors and apiary officers, and most importantly, the many beekeepers who enjoy keeping bees." It covers most everything except treatment of varroa mites which are not present in divisions of government, various organizations, institutions and stakeholders.A look beneath the frames is also very often instructive. It also offers some new ideas to help beekeepers to become independent by making their own equipment from local materials.As long as the beekeeper cannot understand the inter-nal condition of the hive by watching the outside, he can only lose money and will have to pay his appren-ticeship dearly. I hope that this will help people to start beekeeping at an affordable cost, and maybe to experiment with new materials.Beekeeping: The Essential Guide A step by step guide."In this essential guide, we will cover an introduction to beekeeping, all you need to know about your bees, how to set up your first bee colony, how to safely manage and inspect your beehive, how to raise your bees, seasonal beekeeping tasks, how to harvest honey and beeswax, how to make beeswax body lotion and candles, and much more!

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