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Although Michigan does not have the death penalty, Gabrion was sentenced under the federal system because the victim was killed on federal property.

Gabrion's case was the first time since the federal death penalty was reinstated that a federal death sentence was imposed in a state that did not itself authorize capital punishment.

The court formally imposed the sentence on January 11. Three victims died in the bombing, and a police officer was killed in an attempt to avoid arrest. After Webster joined the lethal injection challenge filed by other federal death-row prisoners, his execution was stayed. Davis, a New Orleans police officer who was under investigation in a drug conspiracy case, was sentenced to death on two convictions in April 1996 for ordering the murder of a young black woman who had previously seen him beat a witness in an unrelated incident.

Pled guilty to the carjacking and murder of two Massachusetts men during a weeklong crime spree. A verdict of death was returned by the jury for one of the bombing in [ ] are defendants whose conviction or death sentence have been reversed by the courts but the reversal is not yet final, or who are awaiting capital retrials or resentencings after an initial conviction or death sentence was overturned. Hall and Webster were charged in Fort Worth, Texas with the abduction, sexual assault, and beating murder of a 16-year-old black female. A co-defendant, Paul Hardy, also black, was the triggerman in the killing. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit upheld his conviction and death sentence in 1999.

In the federal system, the judge is obliged to follow a unanimous jury recommendation. Because of different definitions of what constitutes being "on death row," some organizations such as the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel, Federal Capital Habeas Project, or the Bureau of Justice Statistics, may have a slightly different list of those on death row. Tipton, Johnson, and Roane were members of an inner-city gang in Richmond, VA. The court ordered a new sentencing hearing for both defendants. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit upheld his conviction and death sentence in 2000. Supreme Court vacated Allen's death sentence and remanded the case back to the Eighth Circuit for reconsideration in light of the Court's ruling in Ring v. Because his federal indictment did not include the aggravating factors necessary to support his death sentence, the 8th Circuit said Allen's sentence should be reduced to life in prison. Four younger teen-agers have also pled guilty to federal charges relating to the crime. Higgs was convicted in October 2000 of ordering the 1996 murder of three Maryland women after arguing with one of them in his apartment.

The DPIC total includes individuals whose capital convictions and/or death sentences have been overturned and who face continuing jeopardy of the death penalty until their retrial or resentencing proceedings are completed, although those individuals do not have a valid death sentence and are presumed innocent of the death penalty. They were sentenced to death in February 1993 for their participation in a series of drug-related murders. A federal jury again recommended a sentence of death for Len Davis on August 9, 2005. An Arkansas federal district court subsequently denied Paul's petition for writ of habeas corpus. The triggerman, Willis Mark Haynes, was convicted in May 2000 and sentenced to life plus 45 years in prison.

Although prosecutors considered Kehoe the mastermind of the plot, the same jury that sentenced Lee to death sentenced Kehoe to life.

The court formally sentenced Lee to death on May 13, 2002. Mitchell and his co-defendants (including a juvenile) allegedly got a ride from a woman and her 9 year old granddaughter in Arizona.

Attorney General Ashcroft required a capital prosecution. Brown was convicted of the November 2002 murder of a 48-year-old white female — a Fleming, Georgia postal worker — during a robbery.

A jury sentenced Sampson to death on December 23, 2003. (Associated Press, January 9, 2017) On August 16, 2017, the district court denied Sampson's post-trial motions, affirming the death sentence imposed in his case. Attorneys for Le Croy argued that the murder took place inside the victim's house, and thus did not fall under the 1994 federal death penalty statute.

Sampson is only the second federal case tried in Massachusetts since the federal government reinstated the federal death penalty in 1988. Wolf sentenced Sampson to death, but ordered that the execution be carried out in New Hampshire, which has not carried out an execution since 1939. Judge Wolf overturned Sampson's sentence because a juror had made significant misrepresentations during voir dire. The judge is required to follow the jury recommendation.

That conviction was overturned and Jackson later pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Nelson was convicted of kidnapping a girl from her Kansas home and murdering her in Missouri.

On November 28, 2001 a jury recommended the death penalty for Nelson, and on March 11, 2002, a federal judge imposed the death penalty. On March 16, 2002, Marvin Gabrion was sentenced to death for a 1997 murder in Michigan's Manistee National Forest.

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