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According to her 57-year-old father, when testifying in court, broke down as he recounted how he had to break the news to his family, including his daughter, that she had been raped.

Ong, in his defence, said he had been in an intimate relationship with the woman.

At first I thought someone was leaking the nude photos of this couple and impersonating them to maximize any embarrassment.

But more and more it seems these two are happily sharing their sex life and it is not some other person who is behind the leaked photos and videos.

We believe fringe opinions have a right to be heard, just as mainstream ones do.

Ong Soon Heng who was a trainee bunker surveyor, is appealing against his conviction and sentence, and is out on bail of S,000 (RM246,000).Parties related to the victim are not named owing to a gag order to protect her identity. One of her friends had testified earlier that they were kissing, during which she was "standing up but wasn't very stable".As the night wore on, she became intoxicated and passed out.Prosecutors had sought at least 14 years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane.The defence had asked for 10 years in jail and six strokes of the cane.

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