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Dear Editor, Having just read Nigel Sarbutts letter regarding Liz Mc Innes and Tony Lloyd demanding to see the Brexit impact assessments for Rochdale and frankly almost choked...Date Published 02/02/2018 Dear Editor, I am pleased to see Link4Life CEO, Andy King, replying via Rochdale Online to the concerns of patrons of Link4Life facilities about staff facing the loss of their...Letters or columns expressing opinions on news and commentary published in the Albuquerque Journal are welcome.Submissions accepted for publication may appear in print or in electronic media, including the Journal's Internet Web site, searchable archives and databases.Date Published 18/01/2018 Dear Editor, It is twelve months since a survey was completed by the owners with regard to the contamination present in this highly dangerous site which once housed the TBA...Date Published 15/01/2018 Dear Editor, The latest official manufacturing figures released by the Office for National Statistics are great news for the country - and a slap in the face for the Brexit...The article quotes an associate professor at Chatham University who says she is concerned about students being exploited.I see it as just the opposite — students exploiting the wealthy elderly. Let's not desecrate humanity and morality any further; things are bad enough.

“We’re a welcoming city” has been Emanuel’s mantra.

His staff does a balancing act of trying to sufficiently appease his ego and temperament while trying to restrain him.

Read more “Blind Date” at the Goodman Theatre artfully depicts the fateful meeting between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid-’80s that lessened tensions between the world’s two superpowers.

Date Published 30/01/2018 Dear Editor, The North England Muslim community is aghast at the news of the appointment of our new counter terrorism commissioner. Date Published 30/01/2018 Dear Editor, I just signed the 38 Degrees online petition 'Protect our children and teachers from asbestos exposure at school' and wanted to ask concerned readers could add...

Date Published 29/01/2018 A resident asked - why did you vote against the EU Withdrawl Bill in Parliament when on the 23 June 2016 the people of Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton voted unanimously to leave...

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