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.00This work was prepared by Bailey, banks & Biddle Company to show the badges and insignia of military, naval, hereditary and commemorative societies, with brief summaries of membership qualifications.

Extract from the "Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography," vol.

For Merit, Service and Valor: A History of Some New York Military Decorations and Awards and their Recipients (1915 to 1983), Vols I and II (OMSA Monograph 23), 2008 .00xxx. Considerations on the Society or Order of Cincinnatus, lately instituted by the major-generals, brigadier-generals and other officers of the American Army, proving that it creates a race of hereditary patricians, or nobility.

A subscription record, with photographs and capsule service records of over 4,000 service men and women from Arkansas.

Massachusetts Volunteer Militia: A Pictorial History of Marksmanship Awards of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, vol.

Grosvenor, Gilbert (et al.) Insignia and Decorations of the U. The author was a Medal of Honor recipient in World War I.

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