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The Financial Times and Economist, both read (and believed! No wonder Brussels has got it into its mind that our Government will meekly hand over scores of billions of pounds simply to leave the EU club.

The readiness of some politicians and commentators to support a hefty divorce payment is bizarre – the political equivalent of terrible self-harm.

The Civil Service’s compromise merchants were appalled by the thought of Boris sticking to the principles on which he and Nigel Farage and pro-Leave Labour politicians won the Referendum.

No doubt some of the Cabinet’s former Remainers felt a smidgen of envy that Boris backed the winning side last June. His bedroom palavers, his tendency to try to busk through problems and his eye for the main chance are all major drawbacks.

Westminster’s heebie-jeebies about Boris’s weekend article must puzzle those outside the political bubble – the people of places such as Sunderland and Stoke-on-Trent and Walsall and Wigan who so firmly voted for Brexit.

Boris said he backed Mrs May and he firmly reiterated what she said in her Lancaster House speech in January. True, he touched on education and health policy, areas of government policy beyond his brief, but as holder of one of the great offices of state he has a right to offer his world view on such matters.

Our broadcasters (not least yesterday morning’s political programme on Sky) are aggressively pro-EU.Boris is Foreign Secretary, and therefore most certainly has a right – a duty – to say what he thinks about the Brexit process.It is very much his business, despite what pro-Remain Home Secretary Amber Rudd said yesterday when she attacked Mr Johnson for ‘back-seat driving’. The Scottish Tories’ Europhile Ruth Davidson – a talented politician who could well be next Tory leader, if only she could swallow the democratic verdict on Brexit – said Boris should be thinking only of public ‘service’ so soon after the Parsons Green Tube bomb.Without wishing to diminish the disgracefulness of that terror attack, this seems an overly prissy position.Why the heck should our politics be paralysed by would-be terrorists? Miss Davidson should not patronise them by suggesting we must all go into black-crepe purdah every time some Isis punk tries it on.‘Ah,’ continue Boris’s critics, ‘but he should not have spoken out so close to the big speech Mrs May is going to give in Italy on Friday.’ And now, perhaps, we step closer to the nub. Miss Rudd and Chancellor Philip Hammond and First Secretary Damian Green, all former Remainers and members of the Downing Street court, may have thought they had Theresa May in the bag.

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