Consolidating class c commodity inventory

Source PRO brings your organization closer to Key MRO and brand-name suppliers or manufacturers and can establish single or multi-Plant program depending upon your requirements.We can build a program that suits your needs to source and supply the following MRO categories of items: • Cutting Tools Abrasives • Indexable Tooling • Hand Tools • Gaging • Work/Tool Holding • Marking/Stamping • Abrasives • Shop Supplies • Janitorial Supplies • Material Handling/Storage • Safety/Personal Protection Our program includes personnel at your site to directly support your operations and ensure that your Inventory Management program is handled professionally and promptly.Our direct relationship with thousands of brand name manufacturers combined with our program methodologies offers our customers huge opportunities to save money.One major objective of modern manufacturing is the goal of uncovering “Efficiency” within your organization in a never ending effort to find two things you need to save more of: Time and Money.If the data has been gathered, we can interpret and report on it!

The team handles all inventory and expense order management, consolidating all indirect material across multiple sites within a single system.Source PRO will target annual cost reductions on all supplied items.Cost reduction opportunities will be reviewed with customer’s personnel prior to implementation and no changes will be made to existing supply without written authorization by our customers.Approved cost savings data will be included in Source PRO’s monthly metrics.Industrial vending machines support the controlled reduction in the consumption of indirect material.

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