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They thought it was pretty funny as well, but told me that they were a little confused because they hadn’t seen me all night!

The wife asked what I would have done if they had actually asked for something.

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I then asked if they needed anything before they left. THEN – as we were standing in front of the restaurant, chatting it up before heading to the two cars, that FAMILY walked out!!

My husband spotted them and loudly on purpose) proclaimed, “Hey! ” Totally his personality to do something like that! The family came over and we chatted with them for a minute – I told them that they were part of a game we were playing and I thanked them for being such good sports.

I let her know that I would have passed it along to their waiter.

🙂 Overall, the ”Restaurant Tasks” were a blast and it kinda reminded me of the game, “Curses.” (If you have never played that game – I totally recommend it!

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