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Probably the most simple and raucous song on Gossip, “Meg White” has Ray claiming that Ms.White is “mighty fine”, “the bomb”, and even fantasizing about riding “bikes down by the seaside”. Maybe it’s an effort to hold the short attentions of those who enjoyed his cover of Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy".Let It Be Me slows things down with what Ray is great at, well written slow songs.The song does not stray from what he is known for and makes for a good song his fanbase will enjoy.

The album won’t win over millions of new fans but he will continue to gain popularity as he always has, slowly and surely.Not trying to over analyze the meaning of the song, the song goes along with Meg’s ‘trademark’ drum beat and offer of friendship.It’s another great sincere song that becomes another must listen. His strong writing is stronger than ever and will continue to grow.Ray La Montagne returns with his best work yet in Gossip In The Grain. The album starts off with one of his best songs, You Are The Best Thing. Ethan introduces more instruments into the album to enhance Ray’s already well written songs.

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